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Our selection for today:

How to Represent Data with Intelligent Use of the Coordinate SystemLet's now look at a few examples where with the appropriate use of the systems discussed above, we will able to visualize different aspects of the data. Read More (lot's of charts)

The Future is What Happens When People Embrace Open Data - Open data is a thing, an idea, and an ideal. Open data is one of those "superhero words" alongside its cousins the Cloud and Big Data. I like to call them superhero words because they are supernatural forces that seemingly defy definition and can't be seen. Yet they provide very tangible value to their communities. Read More

Analytics: Going Beyond the Numbers - In the years that MIT Sloan Management Review has been studying the effects of data analytics in companies, we’ve noticed the reality of its value and staying power—and how best to use it—has started to come into sharp focus. In a new research study we conducted with SAS, we determined that most companies are not prepared for the strategic changes required to achieve success with analytics. In fact, the key failing among organizations that have been unable to gain competitive advantage from analytics or to use analytics to innovate is their lack of a strategy. Read More

PS: If you missed our past digest, you can read it here

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