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Several articles and resources were featured today:

  • The AI layer for the Enterprise and the role of IoT - By Ajit Joakar 
  • Practical data science: Building Minimum Viable Models 
  • More data beats better algorithms - By Tyler Schnoebelen 
  • Why Not So Hadoop? 
  • Scraping with 300 req/sec in R? Yes you can! 
  • Should you go to GeekGirlCon?  - Funny infographics to help you answer the question 
  • R vs Python. Which one has higher demand on the job market? 
  • Airbnb in NYC - Spatial Analysis of Illegal Activity 
  • Data Science Career Guide To Unlocking Top Jobs 
  • A primer on universal function approximation with deep learning (in Torch and R) 
  • 15 Deep Learning Tutorials 
  • A Primer in Adversarial Machine Learning: The Next Advance in AI (by Bill Vorhies) 
  • 16 Great Blogs Posted in the last 12 Months 
  • Astronomy: Models of transits for Star KIC 8462852

To read this material (and new questions from members) click here

Other Announcements:

  • Complimentary Book: Streaming analytics with IBM Streams: Analyze more, act faster. To download you copy, click here
  • Utilizing Predictive Analytics for more accurate Business Intelligence. To download whitepaper, click here

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