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Here is our selection for today. Many more articles and resources will appear in the Thursday digest.

Featured IoT Articles 

Using Machine Learning to Generate Music

Apart from fighting web spam, credit card fraud and many more curious applications, machine learning is being widely used in the field of art to generate stuff. We collected a few open source projects and papers which help you understand how machine learning can be used in the field of music... Read More

12 Emerging Trends in Data Analytics

Data Science Central shared its predictions for 2016. More predictions can be found on DSC. In this article, we share Scott Mongeau's predictions. The full version of this (long) article can be found... Read More

11 Important Model Evaluation Techniques Everyone Should Know

Model evaluation metrics are used to assess goodness of fit between model and data, to compare different models, in the context of model selection, and to predict how predictions (associated with a specific model and data set) are expected to be accurate... Read More.


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