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Suppose we want to look at which airlines have similar pricing strategies. The data set looks like this:


Variables: Flight Origination, Flight Destination, Airline1 Price, Airline2 Price, ....Airline10 Price.



Origination: A, Destination: B, Airline1 Price=100, Airline2 = 120, ...., Airline10=95

Origination: A, Destination: C, Airline1 Price=500, Airline2 = 450, ...., Airline10=505



The expected outcome is like:

Airline1, Airline3, Airline8 price similar.

Airline2, Airline4 price similar


I am trying to use PROC VARCLUS, but it seems PROC VARCLUS is not used for this purpose.

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More info:

What I mean by "price similarly" is when Airline1 prices high on a origination and destination pair, Airline3 and Airline8 also prices high.


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