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Health - Medical - DATA ANALYTICS predicted to increase at 37.9% compound annual growth rate through 2016 !!!

A recent article states:


"The use of data analytics in healthcare is on the rise. Global business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan released a report last year predicting that the adoption of advanced health data analytics in U.S. hospitals would increase from 10% to 50% between 2011 and 2016, a 37.9% compound annual growth rate....."


Whether this 37.9% Compounded Annual Growth Rate will be a reality is not yet known ..... but 2016 is not far away to find out!!!


In reality, however, CEO's and other decision makers at major medical healthcare organizations are "throwing money" at "solutions" that involve electronic methods and 'Predictcive Analytics'...... but sometimes, in my experience, "Throwing Money AWAY - thus INCREASING HEALTH CARE COSTS"  - without doing due-diligence on what they are purchasing.   (We will probably have some further examples / documentation of this in 1 or more of the PA / Medical Books we are currently completing ........stay tuned .....).


But if you want to read more about this amazing growth in spending for Predictive Analytics, see:


Several interesting scenarios are presented in this article ......

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