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This question may look like a job interview question for a software engineering position, but the problem, as well as the solution, is very real. It requires an analytical mindset to think about a good solution.

The problem

You want to backpack for 3-4 days in the wilderness, from point A to point B. The distance between A and B is 70 miles, and there is no public transportation anywhere close to either A or B. The trek that I have in mind is described here. How do you organize the logistics?

Try to think about a solution. Being dropped off at point A and picked up at point B is a challenge. There is no cell signal 50 miles from A or B, nor in-between. 

My solution

Do the trekking with friends. You start at A, go to B, and park your car at A. Your friend starts at B, go to A, and park their car at B. When you meet between A and B, you switch car keys.

Can you think of a better solution?

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A funny one. Hiking alone really is not as fun as hiking together with a friend. Plus it might even be a bit dangerous. And to meet somewhere on the road when you approach from different sites can be troublesome too. I suggest you both drive and meet at point B. You park one of the cars here. Then you both drive the other car to point A. Here you park the other car. You trek together to point B, where you get in the car, and thereafter drive to point A. Then you both have your cars again, and can look back at a fantastic trip with your friend, memories for a lifetime.

I like it much better than my solution!

Cool. Lets go hiking then. On the hike we can discuss our next hikes ;-)

That's another good solution!

Park at Buffalo Run Inn in Marblemont. Hitch a ride to the Cascade Pass Trailhead; Google Earth shows the trailhead parking lot heavily used during the summer and there are day hikes in the area. That should provide enough traffic toget a ride. Hike then hitch hike HWY 20 back to Marblemont. Easy Pass Trailhead is adjacent to HWY 20. Or vice-versa.

I've done many trips this way.


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