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Going Rates for Statistical Consulting: Results from the Statistical Consulting Section Rates Survey Results

Karen Copeland, Timothy A. Max, and Susan Devlin


The Statistical Consulting Section conducted a web-based survey of consulting rates in December2005 to help members develop and/or assess their consulting rates. Participation in the survey wasrequested via e-mail from all 1532 Statistical Consulting Section members with e-mail addresseson le with the ASA. In total, 512 responses were gathered for a response rate of 33%. Of thosemembers who responded, 67% reported charging clients on a fee-for-service basis, 23% are statisticalconsultants who do not charge clients on a fee-for-service basis and the remaining 9% do not dostatistical consulting. The analysis below focuses only the 345 members who charge for services.


The survey and analysis focused on hourly rates and how they vary by categories of work, ed-ucational level of the consultant, type of employment, and other factors. Below are the mainconclusions.

  • The median hourly rate charged for external clients is130 with an inter quartile range of 89 -189. Rates charged for internal clients are signicantly lower. 
  • Among the six work categories evaluated rates for specialized consulting were the highest(median =150) and lowest for Basic Analysis (median =100). 
  • Ph.D.'s charge on average44 more per hour than those with a Master's degree across alltypes of tasks. 
  • Consulting Groups have the highest rates (median =175) likely reecting higher overheadcosts than other consulting arrangements.

Detailed Results

The survey asked respondents to report hourly rates in US dollars for the following six categories of work.

  1. Data manipulation; Editing, Basic Analysis
  2. General Statistical Consulting; Collaborative Research
  3. Specialized Statistical Consulting
  4. Statistical Review for a Fee
  5. Teaching non-credit statistical courses for a fee
  6. Project Management on statistical projects

Read full article at: Note that we charge much less than these advertised rates (despite PhD and tons of experience and success stories), possibly because

  • These rates are self-reported and thus exaggerated
  • We have low overhead costs and no debt / external funding
  • We mostly work on long term projects, thus our lower rate
  • High rates ($250/hr) are typically charged to the client by consulting firms, but the consultant actually performing the job is typically paid less than $75/hr.

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