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Here's a list of activities that are outright illegal in most countries, or require ridiculous certifications and are highly regulated.

Do you think the following analytic activities should be allowed, given the number of unemployed analytic professionals desperately looking for jobs, including self-employed jobs?

  • Gaming models used in sport bets, betting activities and gambling, developed by statisticians
  • Mom and pop insurance companies run by self-employed actuaries or statisticians
  • Lotteries, set up by self-employed statisticians
  • Financial advice, stock forecasts provided by self-employed statisticians (without passing SEC exams)
  • Use or private data (cookies, etc.) to boost ROI, by statisticians
  • Cryptography technology developed and sold abroad by independent statisticians
  • Creation of a new digital currency, by statisticians
  • Predicting the winner of French elections using survey analysis, by statisticians (highly illegal, big crime in France!)

Do you know any other analytic activities that - in your opinion - should not be banned?

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Why activities supported or developed by self-employed statisticians are illegal? I think as long as these activities won't affect or endanger public security or damage the interests of the nation, they should not be banned. 

Not sure about a few of these. I don't believe that using statistical models for betting is illegal here in Australia, not sure about the rest of the world. Similarly, bitcoin is a crypto currency that has been created, and it is not illegal to trade in to my knowledge. If virtual currencies were illegal then Facebook and other such companies would be in a bit of trouble, so I'm not sure how the training of the person creating the currency is relevant?

The other cases (in my view) are generally not in the public interest, we have licensing and regulatory frameworks for insurance etc to protect consumers. Practitioners in these areas need to be kept accountable to regulatory bodies to enforce standards and stabilise markets. There are ways that people can bet their own money on financial markets, and even leverage those bets using institutional money, but I don't think consumers should be drawn into that. I'm not sure what to say about French elections!


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