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I am looking for competitive benchmarking data that segments the market of web properties (media, social network, e-commerce, etc.) and their CTR and bounce rate.

This question comes from a not-for-profit media property that has a very narrow target market and we are trying to devise an expansion campaign and want to start from best practices and insights. I want to understand what the comparables are in different segments so that we can calibrate our campaign goals and controls.

Given the very narrow target market for this client, expansion through SEO and adverb will most likely lead to higher bounce rate and not necessary lead to better conversion. Anyone looked at this particular problem: narrow target market media company trying to improve conversions? 

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I'd try first to do data mining on the client database + any previous relevant survey in the past year or two.
The analysis should bring up patterns, some of which may indicate HIDDEN POTENTIAL MARKET.

Also, each pattern is characterized by a number of attributes which can serve you as ASSOCIATED words.
Applying the associated words in the SEO will work indirectly to reach out people that were not defined so far as target and by that expand your market niche base.

Mmm, simple statement about variance got me confused: how do you calculate the variance of the bounce rate reported on Google Analytics? If I take the vector of samples the standard deviation of the bounce rate is actually very small, so that may not be what you are talking about.

Then the last statement begs a question: what strategy options do we have and are their studies that quantify their pros/cons?


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