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We see them all the times, some companies are still using them to hire people - a bad idea in my opinion. Anyway I've found this one posted on Facebook by one of my friends, and supposedly it went viral and was seen more than a million times. I've solved it in 10 seconds. 

Can you do better? In any case, I think that an even better skill to have (in job interviews) is to think about doing a Google search for "15 + 3 = 1218" or "6 + 4 = 210". That's what I did, and that's how I found a webpage providing the solution. Though I solved it myself independently before seeing the solution. I think this one is a very easy one.

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Solved in less than 10 Sec. These days LinkedIn is filled with these kinda puzzles :)

I'm not sure I have the real solution until I see whether

3 + 15 = 1218        or

3 + 15 = -1218. 

Is it subtraction or difference in addition to the sum?

Yeah, those puzzles are always almost the same.

But I like the claim that only people with IQ 130+ can solve, makes my ego bigger :D 


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