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Current Issue: Volume 9, Number 4, October 2011

  • Shin-Soo Kang and Michael D. Larsen
    Tests of Independence with Incomplete Contingency Tables Using Likelihood Functions
  • Gordon G. Bechtel
    True-Value Regression with Non-Response
  • Nihal Ata and Gamze Ozel
    A Multivariate Non-Parametric Hazard Model for Earthquake Occurrences in Turkey
  • Dewi Rahardja and Dean M. Young
    Confidence Intervals for the Risk Ratio Using Double Sampling with Misclassified Binomial Data
  • Masaru Kanba and Kanta Naito
    Selection of Smoothing Parameter for One-Step Sparse Estimates with Lq Penalty
  • Richard P. Hauser and David Booth
    Predicting Bankruptcy with Robust Logistic Regression
  • Francesco Lagona and Marco Picone
    A Latent-Class Model for Clustering Incomplete Linear and Circular Data in Marine Studies
  • Kuntal Bhattacharyya, Pratim Datta and David Booth
    To Do or Not To Do Business with a Country: A Robust Classification Approach
  • Lin Zhang, Yan D. Zhao and Jack D. Tubbs
    Inference for Semiparametric AUC Regression Models with Discrete Covariates
  • Joseph Ngatchou-Wandji and Christophe Paris
    On the Zero-Inflated Count Models with Application to Modelling Annual Trends in Incidences of Some Occupational Allergic Diseases in France



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