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I am currently involve in a retail project. Got logistics data of retail firm to indentify the drivers efficiency and to reduce non delivery of products on time.Both indeppendent and dependent data are binary.(i.e fit for logistic regression). Dependent variable identified was stoppage vehicle in the authorised door (stoppage genuine/ stoppage non genuine) . We have data captured through GPS meter. Could someone suggest me a more about model building? 

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I am not sure I understand the details of your post.  I understand the retail project and you are working on the drivers/delivery to reduce errors and improve efficiency.  And you have captured GPS data.

To improve efficiency for delivery/drivers is a network flow model with the arcs being the metrics you would like to measure.  For example for the demand side: minimum cost, distance between node/delivery destinations, upper and lower bounds for the travel times.  Then the supply side matching up with the demand side would be to maximize flow(truck loads), if you have multiple locations that could ship -- costs from/to location and destination, vendor related network flow(getting product to the retail establishment).

The part of the original post that I do not understand is "...Both indeppendent and dependent data are binary..."

Based on the limited information posted, I think that if you implement some network flow model you would be able to identify problems and errors.  Over time you could apply time series analysis to see if there is seasonality to the errors.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your suggestion Lance. Dependent variable here is violation in door opening ( "Pass" stage where violation is justified or otherwise) gainst independent variable are engine of truck is on while passing on door or not. GPS has signal or no signal... in that way they have variables. I assumed the dependent and inde p. variable fromthe list of column. Objective is to measure the driver, fuel efficiency, route optimisation and find out the t product theft from trailer(moving from ware house to reatil stores  ) and to minimize delivery missed out.


Hope it gives some idea for u. If you have any idea over to measure the retail logistic . please share the details.







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