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Looking for analytics firms / consultancies around Bristol, UK


I have just moved to the lovely city of Bristol, England and I'm on the lookout for new opportunities.  The problem is that analytics jobs seem to be thin on the ground here.  I've taken note of KPMG, QinetiQ and Experian - but does anybody know of other exciting firms in or around the city?

My background is in decision sciences for a medium sized management consultancy - but I'd like to cast my net wide: large or small, new or old, pure analytics or only tangentially so.

All suggestions welcome and gratefully received.


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Hi Will,

Don't just look at the management consultancies - many firms operating at a sufficient scale will have an on-going requirement for analysts.

Have you thought about the Office for National Statistics? Newport isn't too far away from Bristol!

Thank you for the idea Robin. Much appreciated.



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