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My company recently acquired a license for SAS Base & Graph and we're looking to put together a dashboard. Being a SAS newbie, I'm looking for resources for building dashboards in SAS.

What are the good resources for examples of how to build dashboards in SAS? I've been looking and haven't found much.

Thanks! Looking forward to your responses and also contributing here on analyticbridge.

-Scott Nicholson, Opinmind

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There are many solutions to the question you pose. First, SAS offers software specifically for dashboards (SAS BI Dashboard). I assume this is not what you are talking about. It sounds like you want to build a dashboard based on coding you do in SAS. If this is correct, we can help you build this out using only the tools you currently have licensed.

If this sounds like a possible solution, please feel free to contact me directly or at our website
@Adam: Thanks for the reply but as of now we will be building the dash ourselves. We already have a bare-bones Java/Netezza dash and prefer to develop this in-house.
In that case, building the dashboard can be simplistic or extremely complex depending on the types of data you are reporting. We have built dashboards by collecting the metrics in a single SAS produced report and pushing that to a webserver. Additionally, we have done trigger/event based dashboards that only show items of alarm with drill down for 'normal state' reporting. If your data is coming from Netezza, your build should be fairly straight-forward. If you are passing data with Java, it can become more complex very quickly.

As far as references, you might not find too much in the way of "dashboard" guides, but I would focus more on collecting and reporting your specific types of metrics in a meaningful way. There should be plenty of information regarding specific metrics and data in reports that can then be utilized within a dashboard.

Best of luck
Read "Information Dashboard Design - The effective visual communication of data " by Stephen Few FIRST then

you better read up on SAS ODS.
Robert Allison gives some good examples of constructing dashboards using SAS code and SAS Graph

-Ralph Winters
Please comment on the use of 'greplay' and a custom greplay template to lay out the graphs/kpi's
on one page creating html, png, gif VERSUS using ODS Layout creating a pdf.

You seem to get much better success with your approach. (Static data aside) While your code ID's excellent twists over the usual, your comments REALLY laid out several design factors excellently.

You /participated/won all those contests from 2005 on ?


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