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I currently work in the online advertising industry, running banner and search engine marketing campaigns for advertisers. However, I recently did some background reading on "data mining" and found it so intriguing that now I'm interested in potentially switching careers. I have always had an aptitude for working with numbers and I'm generally comfortable with learning new technologies.

If I'd like to become a data mining expert, what avenues can I explore in order to get there? Are there university programs I can enroll in? If so, what are these programs generally called? I'd prefer learning in a classroom environment as opposed to trying it on my own.

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You are fortunate in that you live in the best city in the world for graduate studies. Data mining as such requires a bit of analytical/statistical sophistication and a good place to start is too look at a couple of DM texts "Data Mining" by Hand etal, anything by Berry and Linhoff or for a more advanced treatment "The elements of Statistical Learning by Hastie" etal. DM like programs are offered at Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, CUNY etc. in either their MIS, CompSci or Stats departments. On a more applied side SAS offers free sales seminars on their Data Mining app.

Good Luck...


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