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To partner with us regarding our AnalyticBridge Mathematical Competition, contact Dr. Vincent Granville at [email protected] There is no cost.

The winning participant (the first candidate to prove or disprove our mathematical conjecture), if referring a partner when submitting his/her solution, receives 200% of the award, entirely paid by Data Science Central. We call this reverse sponsoring.

The list of partners will be published in the media when a winner has been identified, or by October 30, 2013. The role of a partner is to disseminate information about our competition, internally, externally or both,  to directly or indirectly:

  • Encourage more candidates to participate, including employees or members,
  • Increase the public's awareness and interest in data science, analytics and big data.

By partnering with us, you also show your interest and commitment in promoting high quality, neutral, privately funded data science research carried out by a small successful start-up, without incurring costs.

Partners include individuals, universities, conference organizers, companies (vendors, analytics consumers, media companies, consulting firms, publishers), organizations or professional societies. A positive side effect of this reverse sponsoring is to attract more talent into pursuing data science studies and careers, thus making it easier for companies to recruit hard-to-find talent, and for universities to attract students.

All great answers to our mathematical conjecture will be published (even if it is not a final solution to the problem), along with the names of the participants, and the names of the partners (for candidates who found out about our competition through a partner). Our competition is about a new fundamental metric, at the frontier between big data, applied statistics and computer science.

We are the leading data science community, reaching out to more than 3 million analytic practitioners each year, and steadily growing.

Note to potential candidates

If you are not referred by a partner, we encourage you to enlist your company as a reverse sponsor. There is no cost for the reverse sponsor, and it comes will the following benefits:

  • Participants mentioning an official reverse sponsor when submitting their solution, if winning, will have the amount of the award multiplied by 2. The difference is paid by us, on behalf of the partner.
  • Reverse sponsors referred by great candidates will be featured when we release the final results later in October.

Have your company or organization contact us at [email protected], to be listed as an official partner (reverse sponsor).

Examples of potential reverse sponsorship

  • Google wants to prove that they have the best mathematicians. They tell us that they are an official partner, and have one (or a few) of their top statisticians spend a few hours on the problem, hoping that he/she will produce the solution, or at least material that is good enough to be featured in our highly publicized list of top contributors, in October.
  • The American Statistical Association wants to show that they are involved in data science and big data. They publish our competition announcement in their newsletter, asking subscribers and members to mention ASA as the partner, when they submit a solution.
  • Harvard University wants to show that they have trained the best statisticians. They send an email or mention our competition in their newsletter sent to current students and/or alumni who graduated in mathematics, statistics, computer science or operations research.
  • The NSA wants to hire statisticians with expertise in the type of mathematics involved in the competition. In addition, they would be happy if the media start mentioning their name in connection with something positive, rather than the boring Snowden issue. They do a promotional campaign to drive participants to our competition web site, and sign up as a reverse sponsor (at no cost). By looking at our list of top contributors in October, they can easily identify great candidates for open positions they have internally.

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