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NASA Ames Research Center Conference
October 14th-16th, 2009
Moffett Field, CA
NASA Ames Research Center
This year NASA’s Conference on Intelligent Data Understanding (CIDU) will be hosted in conjunction with the Applied Information Systems Research Program PI meeting. This conference will bring together top researchers for talks in the following areas:
Autonomous systems and systems health management (autonomy and spaceborne computing) In this topic area presentations will focus on anomaly detection, data driven methods for diagnosis, data fusion, automated planning and control, and other methods with the aim of increasing mission duration, reliability and utility.
Discovery Algorithms Presentations in this topic area will include data mining, machine learning, statistics-based techniques and others with the goal of maximizing return of useful knowledge from vast data repositories.

Data/Information Infrastructure This topic area will include presentations on information architectures, data models and standards, query tools, visualization tools, and other techniques to facilitate the accessibility and interoperability of data and tools in multiple application settings.

Computational Methods and Frameworks Presentations in this topic area will center on advanced methods and algorithms, collaborative tools and frameworks, and other techniques to enhance multidimensional data analysis, numerical modeling and simulation, and knowledge capture.
CIDU/AISRP is sponsored by NASA's Integrated Vehicle Health Management Project, Aviation Safety Program and NASA's Applied Information Systems Research Program.

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