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I have been searching for work since March of 2009. I know there are many in this boat as well but, there has to be something. I have been told that the skills I have are just to futuristic and I will just have to wait.

Let's see...Ontology development, taxonomy engineering, text analytics, text extraction, sentiment determination, RSS and XML feed analysis. And many more. I just don't get it. These things are in use today. Why then are many folks saying that I am too far ahead of the 'game'

I'm also work on a PhD in Knowledge Management with a slant toward sociological and organizational things that happen when gaining and distributing knowledge.

I have attached a resume here for your thoughts and hopefully an idea of how to really leverage this education and skill sets and possibly some leads. I do have a requirement of primarily being telecommute but can be in the Colorado Springs, CO area as far north as the DTC. Let me know what you all think ... Thanks!

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I think it would help if you put more emphasis on the results achieved with these new technologies, for example add a statement such as "detected large botnet, uncovered $1 million of fraudulent transactions, using text mining, web crawling and information retrieval techniques applied to web site scoring".

Many departments in large companies do not have experience with text mining, keyword taxonomies etc. In your cover letter, you should focus on how these technologies directly apply to their businesses, when applying for a job.
I can feel the same frustration since I am on the same boat. I went to a resume help session earlier this week. I was told - not to exceed 3 lines in each paragraph. Especially, due to the current economic situation, recruiters receives a lot of resumes for each job posting. So, rule of thumb is to highlight your goal, experience, and values in the first half page on your resume.

Also, another suggestion from them is - not to exceed 3 bullet points in each segment. If have to, group them with a title. I have the similar problem and I think it makes sense. I have 2 very good resume examples I am following on. I can scan it and email it to you if you'd like. Hope this helps!!
hi deborah,

pls send it to me for refrence.

my id:[email protected]
Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the suggestions. My email is [email protected]
I have a question about SAS work. I've been a systems programmer for over 20 years and a tech writer for 8 years, and now I am thinking about getting a SAS certification. Is there any point in that? I get the impression looking at job forums the SAS programmers tend to be business analysts, so I suspect that SAS is just a tool that business professionals and academics use, but there may not be much of a job market for people who have a SAS certification and no business depth. I DO NOT WANT TO INVEST A LOT OF TIME GETTING A SAS CERTIFICAITON IF I LACK VITAL SKILLS IN OTHER AREAS NECESSARY TO GET SAS PROGRAMMING EMPLOYMENT. Could someone inform me about the SAS programming market?

This is a summary of my knowledge level:
* Masters in Computer Science and Bachelors in Physics
* A modest grasp of statistics (I studied for the 1st SOA actuarial exam)
* A modest grasp of statistical inference (I have been reading some of the UCLA SAS tutorials and I am not intimidated by a covariance matrix)
* No preparation whatsoever in Financial Modeling. If you need an MBA for this, I should stay away from it.
* No background in financial engineering (other than reading My Life as a Quant, and Inside the Yield Curve)

Is there any prospect that I might get a SAS job if I got a certification, or would I be wasting my time?

John Strong ([email protected])
Hi David,

I realize a bit of time has passed since your original post but it would appear that the Magellan project referred to in this article would be a good match for your skill set. Perhaps you could track down someone working on it to see how you might contribute.
Hi Jim,
Thanks for the lead. I applied for several positions posted at Argonne that is wher the project is.

I'm still looking for work and have been since March. Thanks again.



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