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OMOP Cup: Competition for Predicting Adverse Drug Events

I thought some members of this group might be interested in the OMOP Cup (  It's a competition to develop new methods for detecting adverse events from prescription drug data.  $5,000 has already been awarded as progress awards, but $15,000 remains to be won in the grand prize.  It's a
combination of health informatics, machine learning, epidemiology, and statistics.

The OMOP Cup has two related challenges.  Challenge 1 explores how well the method works when provided an entire longitudinal dataset, and the goal is to accurately classify which drugs are associated with which outcomes. Challenge 2 evaluates the timeliness of detection of drug-event associations by having your methods run against data sequentially as it accumulates over time.

It's being run by the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (, a public-private partnership designed to help improve the monitoring of drugs for safety.

The competition is open now, and closes March 31.  Find out more at

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This does look interesting, but when you read the rules it seems to imply that individuals that are not from the US are not allowed to enter. I'm just wondering if some of those (I know there are some) who are putting effort into this and are not from the US are aware of this, and what will hapen when they win? I'm surprised this entry criteria is tucked away and not made obvious up front. By their very nature, people who enter these things don't tend to read the rules.

A Team may be comprised of eligible Participants (each known as a “Team”). A Team must consist of one Participant Representative (“Representative”) who is a legal resident of the U.S.

Eric, as you are one of the organisers, can you explain why this rule would exist in the first place?



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