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One indicator variable, two categories, statistically significant test?

Hi --


I know this is a basic question. I'm learning and thanks for all your help (in advance.)


I have one variable and it's an indicator variable. Respondents get a 1 if they are in one category; 2 if they are in the other. I want to determine if the number of 1 is statistically different than 2.


What test do I use?




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That is true. The two tests, test for proportion and Chisquare goodness of fit are one and the same in these cases.

   P = 0.5

Assume sample size 100 and males are 45 and females are 55.

Test for proportion    Z = 1


See Chi square




     Chi sq













Withe this instance I may say that there are not just two Chi squares and there are many more chisquares depending upon the problem and its Statistics. May be they all will have these common assumptions. But they have different forms, procedures and uses. Please note that this simple problem has give rise to many valuable understanding. Can we not make an effort to collect and consolidate all these methods with special emphasis to their use.


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