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Hello everyone,


I'm considering taking courses (Data Mining path) at I'm a bit concerned that courses (graduate level?) are advertised as only taking 4 weeks (requiring about 15 hours a week).


If you've taken courses at, I would like to get some feedback. Any information that you can share would be appreciated.





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Thanks for the reply Tom,

I guess my objective is less about specifically learning data mining (no experience, but still curious about the subject) but to gain more exposure to statistics (e.g. regression, resampling) then the couple of courses that I had to take in my CS degree.

The main reason I would pursue the Data Mining path is that it doesn't require too many courses (9) to complete the certificate contrary to other paths (16 for Biostatistics-controlled trials) and would still allow me to study various subjects/theories in statistics. Hopefully this will help me identify a specific subject area that I need to focus on to help me with my job.

My job requires me to write data extractions, analyze the data, and then to try and tell the story. To list a few examples, this could simply be to report outcomes, evaluate relationships between variables (and their significance), assess whether a result is significant or not, etc. What I'm often questioning is if a result/rate is significant while taking into account data limitations, the quality of the data, data linkages, etc.

I'm from the east coast in Canada so have very limited exposure to courses/training of this type without going back to university, that's why I'm trying to find something online.
Hello Claude, courses are roughly the equivalent of 1/2 a regular semester course, or a bit less - you retain access to the course materials for several weeks after the end of the course, have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange comments with the instructors on a private discussion board throughout the regular course period.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Hope to see you online in one of our Data Mining courses!



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