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Open invitation from Microsoft: Fire away with your PowerPivot questions




Emilie from PowerPivot here.


I’m posting to invite everyone on AnalyticBridge to ask us anything… anything about PowerPivot that is. Myself or another Microsoft rep will be monitoring this thread to answer questions and respond to feedback during business hours until 5/17.


If you’re unfamiliar with PowerPivot, here are a few features showing how it can enhance your Excel experience and improve BI:


  • Manipulate gazillions of rows at lightning fast speed directly in Excel.
  • Detect relationships automatically between tables. No more V-Lookups!
  • Retrieve date from virtually any source.


To find out more about PowerPivot’s Excel-boosting abilities, check out some demo videos on the PowerPivot website, or skip ahead and download the add-in for free.


In related news, we’re running a contest on Facebook. To join in the fun, all you have to do is head over to the PowerPivot Facebook page, ‘like’ the page, and take our Nerdtastic Quiz. Besides learning if you’re the nerdiest PowerPivot user of them all, you’ll automatically be entered to win an Xbox 360 with Kinect just for participating.


Well I think that’s everything. Fire away!


- Emilie


Emilie Bridon

PowerPivot Product Manager


Tags: Analytics, Business, Data, Excel, Intelligence, Micorosoft, Mining, PowerPivot

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