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Which products would you recommend as open source GUI for analytics reporting? I've heard of Birt and Jasper. What do you think of these platforms? What else do you recommend?

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Hi Vincent,


I just gave a hint in another discussion about our new full open source AaaS solution called RapidAnalytics:


Basically, RapidAnalytics is a server around RapidMiner but among many other features it also offers web based definition of services including those delivering graphical outputs. Combine these and you get a full report or dashboard depending on the used services and visualizations. The nice thing is that this allows for the easy integration into other portals as well as for service interaction which simplifies drilling etc. a lot.


Birt and Jaspersoft are great solutions when it comes to reporting only but they do not really offer anything when it comes to advanced analytics, data and text mining. And this is exactly the gap we try to close with RapidAnalytics: offering an open source business analytics solution instead of merely supporting traditional business intelligence. In that sense, the open source RapidAnalytics is more competing against SAS or the new IBM Cognos / SPSS combination instead of just offering simple reporting - which is of course possible as well.


Just my 2c. Thought it might be interesting here since RapidAnalytics is much less known than RapidMiner and taking an analysts view on business analytics is certainly a good thing to do. By the way, more information are available in our new video series at





Thanks Ingo. I will mention it to our CTO at Looksmart, who initially asked the question.

Great - just let me know if you need any details or have any questions!





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