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IQ Online provides the best online training in hyderbad.Oracle 11g Online Training
This Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Release 2 course explores the fundamentals of basic database administration. Expert Oracle University instructors will reinforce topics with structured hands-on practices that will prepare you for the corresponding Oracle Certified Associate exam.
Oracle 11g Online Training Concepts :
1.Oracle 11g – SQL & PL/SQL
2.The Oracle database environment
3,Basic SELECT Statement
4.Conditional retrieval of data
5.Working with variables
6.Pseudo columns and functions
7.Using non-character function
8.Using the SET operators
9.Aggregating data using group functions
10.Using Declarative Constraints
11.Database Security
12.Improving query performance

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Contact: Email:[email protected], USA:+1 732-475-4280, India:+91 9573481637.

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