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Oracle Warehouse Buidler to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Migration

Oracle customers  worldwide are operating in an unprecedented environment. These institutions no longer have the luxury of large multi-year IT initiatives to identify and address the data management issues like moving the data to cloud or big data environments while compromising the agile methodology. There is an increasing need for them to respond quickly and accurately with the right and supporting tools to perform the data governance and meet industry standards.

Migrating from an existing ETL platform, or consolidating inherited platforms may be the biggest barrier to bringing in new technology. Cost, in both time and money are a huge consideration. Now you have the answer - with an average conversion time of just 3-6 months, one can meet their deadlines and avoid additional maintenance costs through partnership with AnalytX Data Services.

AnalytiX Litespeed Conversion (ALC) provides a robust framework that automates the conversion of ETL Tool Platforms to ODI.  All the legacy ETL tool transformations are automatically converted into “compatible” ODI transformations in about 1/3rd the time, at about 1/3rd the cost. 

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