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PCORI meets and exceeds its goals for 2013 .... now let's look towards the expected successes of 2014 !!!

PCORI (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute) year 2013 has been called, by PCORI, "A YEAR OF STRATEGIC INVESTMENT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT" ......

I can attest to that as I was privileged to be part of the CDRN process, and saw 11 new CENTERS for development of TRANSPARENT HEALTH DATA in NETWORKS that can be used to develop ACCURATE TRUE PREDICTIVE ANALYTIC MODELS such that medical diagnoses and treatment can not only be more accurate, but pinpointed to the "individual" ...... e.g. the INDIVIDUAL will be the center of the process, and not the providers of the healthcare, among other goals ...


As stated by PCORI in yesterday's  announcement (

PCORI’s mission is clear—to support and promote CER that helps patients and those who care for them make better-informed health and healthcare decisions. We now have a research portfolio in place that significantly advances us toward this goal. The coming year promises to be as busy and exciting as the last, as we dramatically expand and refine this portfolio and begin to see the results from our first funded projects.

PCORI has approved 279 awards totaling more than $464.4 million

In 2013, PCORI approved more than 200 proposed research awards and initiatives totaling more than $440 million


To read the entire SUMMARY OF THE YEAR ANNOUNCEMENT from PCORI pleaase see:


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