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Predictive Analytics World Conference Workshops-March, 2011, San Francisco

Mark your calendars for Predictive Analytics World Conference Workshops March 13-19, 2011 in San Francisco.  More information below:


Predictive Analytics World Conference Workshops-March, 2011, San Francisco
Workshop:  Driving Enterprise Decisions with Business Analytics
Instructor:   James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions
Web Site:
Date:           Sunday, March 13, 2011 in San Francisco


Intended Audience:
Managers: Project leaders, directors, CXOs, vice presidents, investors and decision makers of any kind responsible for working with analytics or interested in using analytics to improve their business.
Technical Managers: Analysts, BI directors, developers, DBAs, data warehouse specialists, architects, and consultants who wish to build systems that make better decisions.
Attendees receive a free copy of the instructor's book, "Smart (Enough) Systems," a course materials book, and an official certificate of completion at the conclusion of the workshop.

Workshop Description

Putting business analytics to work is top of mind for organizations like yours. Business agility and operational responsiveness are more important than ever. There is a real opportunity to use analytics - especially predictive analytics - to seek out increasingly small margins and understand your customers, products, channels, partners and more. But predictive analytics is only part of the solution - you must put these analytic insights to work making better decisions every day. Business rules offer the agile, business-centric platform you need to manage decisions and effectively deploy predictive analytics. Putting them together requires a new conceptual framework - Decision Management.

This workshop covers the principles of Decision Management, its application to critical business processes, and the appropriate use of available technology. We show you how to identify and prioritize the operational decisions that drive your organization's success, introduce business rules as a foundation to automate these decisions, link these decisions to data mining and predictive analytics and discuss how to ensure continuous improvement and competitive advantage using adaptive control.

Workshop:  The Best and the Worst of Predictive Analytics: Predictive Modeling Methods and
                  Common Data Mining Mistakes
Instructor:    John F. Elder IV, Chief Scientist, Elder Research, Inc.
Web Site:
Date:           Wednesday March 16, 2011 in San Francisco


Intended Audience:

Interested in the true nuts and bolts.  A free copy of John Elder's book Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications is included.  Knowledge Level: Familiar with the basics of predictive modeling.  Attendees will receive an electronic copy of the course notes via USB drive.

Workshop Description

Predictive analytics has proven capable of enormous returns across industries – but, with so many core methods for predictive modeling, there are some tough questions that need answering:  How do you pick the right one to deliver the greatest impact for your business, as applied over your data?  What are the best practices along the way?  And how do you avoid the most treacherous pitfalls?

This one-day session surveys standard and advanced methods for predictive modeling.
Dr. Elder will describe the key inner workings of leading algorithms, demonstrate their performance with business case studies, compare their merits, and show you how to pick the method and tool best suited to each predictive analytics project. Methods covered include classical regression, decision trees, neural networks, ensemble methods, uplift modeling and more.


Workshop:   Net Lift Models:  Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing
Instructor:    Kim Larsen, VP of Analytical Insights, Market Share Partners
Web Site:
Date:           March 18 (afternoon) and March 19, 2011 in San Francisco

Intended Audience:
Statisticians, business analysts, and market researchers who build predictive models for marketing and retention campaigns
Workshop Description
The true effectiveness of a marketing campaign isn't response rate, it is the incremental impact - that is, additional revenue directly attributable to the campaign that would not otherwise have been generated. Yet traditional targeting criteria are often designed to find clients that are interested in the product, but would have bought it anyway, whether or not they received a promotion. In such cases, the incremental impact is insignificant and the marketing dollars could have been spent elsewhere.
Net Lift Models are designed to maximize incremental impact by targeting the undecided clients that can be motivated by marketing. These "swing customers" are akin to the swing states of a political election; data miners could learn a lot from political campaigns.
This workshop demonstrates how to build Net Lift Models that optimize the incremental impact of marketing campaigns, covering the pros and cons of various core analytical approaches.

Workshop:  Hands-On Predictive Analytics
Instructor:   Dean Abbott, President, Abbott Analytics
Web Site:
Date:          Thursday, March 17, 2011 in San Francisco
Intended Audience: 
Practitioners:  Analysts who would like a tangible introduction to predictive analytics or who would like to experience analytics using a state-of-the-art data mining software tool.
Technical Managers: Project leaders, and managers who are responsible for developing predictive analytics solutions, who want to understand the process.
Knowledge Level: Familiar with the basics of predictive modeling.
Workshop Description
Once you know the basics of predictive analytics, there's no better way to dive in than operating real predictive modeling software yourself - hands-on. "Get your hands dirty" by trying out state-of-the art modeling methods on real data. Working to solve a specific business problem, you will design and execute on a core analytical approach. Prep the data, set up the modeling, push "go" and check out the results.
"Hands-on Predictive Analytics" puts predictive analytics into action. This one-day workshop leads participants through the industry standard data mining process, from Business Understanding through Model Deployment, approaching each stage of this process by driving a state-of-the-art data mining software product. In this way, attendees gain direct experience applying this "best practices" process, and ramp up on an industry-leading tool to boot.

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