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you are in the first leg of ur career and u has found you as a consultant trainee job. You are given a first assignment which deals with one of the clients having a chain coffee business. There is good consumer traffic for all their chain shops, especially during evening hours .however the client feels that the customers generally spent more idle time in the shop making it inconvenient for the others. Hence the client is requesting to see how the problem could be resolved so that the customers are put to minimum difficulty/.
You are asked by your leader to organize a sample survey to record three variables i.e. bill amount paid by consumers (bill) time spent by each customer in shop (spite) and time for service (slime) you are asked to present a reporter on the following
1. Wat is the probability of a customer cancelling an order customers spending more than the average time spend by consumers .customers whose bill is below the average amount paid by consumers
4.type of data distribution of three variables and the consequent information contained in them
5.the summary statistics mean, median, and SD along with a discussion of the data features using them case the service time is more than the customer waiting time it means than the customer has left after cancelling his/her order due to some emergency

This is a problem I found on ORKUT. So, all credit to the original framer of the question.

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Are customer and consumer the same thing here? We use them differently at PepsiCo. Customers are the stores to which PepsiCo sells its products, and consumers are the people who buy them from the stores.


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