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We all here crunch numbers for living, but how many of us have tried LIVING by the numbers? If you heard about self-tracking or Quantified Self movement, currently track and analyze some aspects in your everyday life, or simply would like to learn more about emerging field of personal analytics and personal informatics, please drop me a line or respond to this thread. You can also check out and my blog



Analytics just got personal! Can you express your everyday life in numbers? Can you improve your life by turning it into a series of games and experiments? Follow my personal Quantified Self experiment to find out:

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Do you sell this information to insurance companies? lol

Hi Stephen!

Not sure I understand your question? I am just curious to find out if any other analysts collect and analyze their own data to improve their lives? I know only one statistician (from AT&T) who does that, and a couple of researchers/psychologists.



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