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Hi! I have no prior experience working on SAS. And I intend to take the certification exam using the Certification Guide and a 500 strong "question bank". The guys here who've taken the exam -- would you recommend I work on a couple of projects and then take it? Or do you think it is possible to score a 95+ by being meticulous with the study material?

Thank you!


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Hi Vineeta, I took this exam 2 years ago, but by this momment I already had 3 year of continous (everyday) working with SAS. It's extremely important a prior experience. I think it's not impossible but a little of experience must be a important help.By the way write me in private if you need more info about the test.
Hi Vineeta,

I will provide material for you.But before that you will complete Little SAS book.I think that is more than enough to get 95+.
Personally i am a SAS trainer .If you get any doubt on Base SAS give me a personal mail.So that i will help you.

If you want to talk with me add me into your skype .

my skype id:saibabu03
Personal id:[email protected]
Hi saibabu,

I will also like to gain some knowledge on SAS. I also intend to go for a certification but want to have a brush through the little SAS book ur refering to before deciding on the Certification exam.
I am a B.E. in Electrical Engineer and current pursuing MBA in TAPMI,Manipal.
Plz give me some information about the Certification exam.


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