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Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that the brand-new R extension for
RapidMiner will be revealed next week at the RapidMiner conference
RCOMM. However, you can have a sneak peak today:

The web site features a video showing how easy R models and scripts
can be integrated into the RapidMiner analysis processes. RapidMiner
offers a new R perspective consisting of the known R console together
with the great plotting facilities of R. All variables as well as R
scripts can be stored in the RapidMiner Repository and used from there
which helps to organize the usually large number of scripts.
Furthermore, widely used modeling methods are directly integrated as
RapidMiner operators as usual.

RapidMiner and R are the most widely used open source solutions for
data analysis and it is great that those two programs finally are
seamlessly integrated. Let me know what you think!


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I tried using this on debian but unfortunately it did not work.



there is a loooong thread about installation problems in the RapidMiner forum at,2612


Especially for some Linux systems, there are several settings of environment variables necessary. Looking at the end of the thread, most Linux guys seem to get it running in the end ;-)


Hope that helps,



Thank you for the link,

I did not get enough time to work around but what I wanted to point was its not completely seamless.

but I guess its great product because rattle is much worse to install and Rapid Miner + R I always wanted to happen for the power both bring




Hi Vasundhar,


yes, you are right. The installation is less seamless than I would like it to be... But we are actually thinking of a new RapidMiner + R Bundle where both pieces software are bundled and delivered together without having them installed separately. This should make the installation on many platforms much simpler although we can probably not provide such a bundle for all platforms.


Once you got the R extension for RapidMiner installed, things are indeed really nice: transformations from RapidMiner data to R data frames are a one-liner as well as the transformation back from data frames to RapidMiner data (example sets). In between you have the power of R scripting and around it you have the complete analysis processes known from RapidMiner. Neat ;-)


I have recently written a simple tutorial in our blog for that which shows this if you (or anybody else) is interested:,com_myblog/show,Simple-Example-for-R-in-RapidMiner.html/Itemid,172/


All the best,



Thank you


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