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Hi All,

Can any one tell me how to integrate R with SQL Server2005..?

I would like to go for R instead of SAS ..How do u think about it ..

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Currently R can import data from excel and csv file.
I doubt that it can read in data from SQL Server smoothly while SAS can handle almost all data source.

Can anyone confirm it?

Thank you for the clarification.
You may also want to take a look at the open source package KNIME. It has an excellent visual interface, can read from a database, and it integrates with R.

Hope this helps.
KNIME is not open source software according to the OSI ( definition, because it descriminates commercial use.
the correct thing to be doing in my view
Hello Ram,
One possible way to use SQL server with R is via package RODBC. You should try it first. Then you can go for RDBI package.

I recommend R for using as data mining tool. There are thousands of packages. You should find out what people did in those packages and then you can write your own functions over others work. You dont have to reinvent the wheel, do you?



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