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Recruitment to work in South Africa:

Senior Mining Engineer


The professional will work with the subjects mentioned below mainly in the early stage projects and will have interfaces with the resource estimation teams, environmental and engineering teams and subsequent project phases, which are of responsibility of companies business units, depending on the project’s commodity under evaluation.

The activities shall be made preferably ïn-house” but some, depending on the degree of expertise required or the amount of activities to be performed, could be contracted being the professional responsible for some of the contract issues such as elaboration of scopes, technical management, and invoices approval, among others.

Mine Evaluation:

Responsible for the technical evaluation and mine studies for any mineral commodities, which include topography, general layout, roads, conceptual projects, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, selection of mining method, calculation of the mine’s CAPEX and OPEX, aiming to support mining projects.

Mine Planning:

Responsible for the activities developed in the planning, mining and ore processing processes, aimed to optimise the company's processes and investments and promote the synergy between the different areas.

Project feasibility studies:

Responsible for the development of feasibility studies for mineral projects, as well as for the planning of technical and engineering studies to support the business evaluation departments in their decision-making (drawing up of acquisition proposals, participation in tenders and "due diligences"). In cases where external studies are contracted, he shall be responsible for the scoping and drafting of all documentation necessary to the contracting process, contract monitoring and final quality assurance of the study. All engineering activities related to the evaluation of process routes, management of mineral exploration programmes, support to the mining rights department and environmental licenses are part of the post’s duties.


The professional must be a mining engineering with at least 15 years experience, including both operations and project development.







Senior Project Engineer


Responsible for Mineral Project consolidation in companies for Europe, Middle East, Africa and West Asia (EMEA) region for all commodities, inside of the company FEL 1 project portfolio. The candidate will be expected to participate in Due Diligences for purposes of mineral property acquisitions or monitoring. He/She must have a clear understanding of the process flows from exploration to project implementation in order to minimize fatal flaws at the project implementation stage.

The summarized main areas of project consolidation are as follows:-

Infrastructure Layouts:

Open pits/ underground mining areas, slimes dams, stockpiles, water reticulation systems, buildings including plants, accommodation etc, power lines, railways and roads etc;


A clear understanding of the work flow as well as the management of the system. This includes Energy, Transport, Material handling etc;

Equipment definition:

This will involve working with various specialists including in-house as well as external consultants;

Capex/Opex estimations:

Benchmarked against similar global commodity operations; as well as Environmental and Geotechnical impacts on the whole project are essential.


Minimum of 8 years of experience as project engineer;

 Understand project control;

 Has knowledge with MetSim and LIMN;

 Previous experience with project Data Base storage

(Bsc. Hons/Msc/ Mining, Metallurgist or Chemical Engineer )



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