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does anyone know if it's possible to run analysis though multiple data tables in SPSS.
for example, let's say I have 5 tables, and they all have a variable "age". can I calculate average age of the 5 tables without combining them into one big data table.

Thanks in advance.

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If you want one average from all 5 data sets, then the answer is 'No'. You should combine the data into a single file.
Ok. Say I have two data sets; one with an age variable and one with a gender variable. Could I somehow use the data from both sets to create tables of age by gender etc? I'm using SPSS 10.
If you had a common key variable (respondent unique ID, for example), it is easy to draw them together using Data/Merge files and specifying that key. A common way of doing this is to Add Variables.

If the numbers of cases in each file are different, you can Add Cases (rather than Add Variables). Make sure that the two files have the same structure, inventing dummy variables if necessary.

Once you have merged them, you can usually produce useful results by a judicious use of Aggregate. I have used this method for locating people who have completed one or more copies of questionnaire A in a survey but have not completed any copies of questionnaire B. It was the "one or more" which was mildly tricky, but it works.

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4th April 2010


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