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Here is what I already thought of. Any comment?
- The richest portfolio of statistical methods in SAS
o Everything available in the standard package
o Easy to use with automatic settings according to the type of data being analysed
- Scalability and Performance on high volumetry
o Multithreading and parallelization native to the majority of algorithms (is there a list of multithreaded procs and nodes in SAS?)
o Parallel data storage (SPDE)
- Interactive visual data exploration: more autonomy in analysis for operational users
- Specific GUI adapted to each user profile
- A centralized and collaborative platform
o A single administration point for metadata and security
o Metalized data, processes, models and reports
• Simple automation of processes
• Extensibility and customization of features and GUI.

• Complete scoring code including data transformations for each model trained ready to be deployed in production

• Score code optimized for high scalability

Easy extension of analytics within the SAS Business Analysis Framework
• Integration with data preparation tools (EG comes with EM for example, DI Studio can be added for professional data integration and preparation)
• Integration with reporting tools (SAS BI for user-role specific dissemination of results of analytics)
• Integration of analytics in favorite user interfaces (run data mining from MS Excel for example)

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