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This topic may be some what offbeat but I am in dilemma.I am post graduate in statistics with experience of 14 years in manufacturing but now i am inclined to earn some SAS credentials with , may be , SAS certification. I need help from all learned guys here to understand whether SAS certification at this age ( ~ 40 ) will help me and how it will help me to switch career to SAS .

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To apply your knowledge age is not a criteria but it is in your part finding those opportunities. of course as i know, if u start SAS, u will be moving into analytic world, where you need to analyze a problem based on ur expereince and education. there are two distinct parts in sas, one is sas programming and other is sas analytics. certification is not a mandatory. sas will help u to utilizes ur statistics knowledge efficiently.

here, surprisingly n coincidentally me too just beginning into sas analytics career. I know sas programming. but further dont know where to focus.

I worked for manufacturing industry for 10years, engineering background and recently completed MBA-Finance from reputed b-school.

If possible, i request you to guide me further in choosing projects, whether in finance/manufacturing etc

Thanking you in advance


I do agree that age may not be and can not be constraint in learning but it may hinder in job prospects in analytics at middle level manager position , as i suppose.
Age ought not to be a consideration. You must demonstrate achievements using SAS to support your status as a competent analyst who uses SAS as a tool to solve problems. Certification demonstrates mastery of basic SAS skills but does not represent to an employer that you are a good problem solver. Only experience using SAS to bring an assignment from beginning to ending will satisfy a prospective employer's questions about your worth.

yes, i do agree with whatever you said. Only execution of the project from start to finish matters .
I agree with this. I have tons of SAS experience and have never needed certification. That said, it probably depends on the kind of industry/job you are looking for whether certification is needed or not. Why not look at SAS jobs and see what kind require certification? Are they ones that you would want? If not, don't bother.


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