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On Line SAS® Training
January and February 2013
Early Registration Discounts
End on December 14th! 
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Online SAS Training: 
Jan-Feb 2012 
  • Jan 15-18, 23, 24 
  • Feb 5-8  

ODS Stat Graphics
  • Jan 10-11

  • Jan 8-9
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What Others Say About Sierra's Online SAS Training Seminars... 
"I can't even begin to express how helpful this class was and how much easier my professional life will be as a result [of taking it]..."  
University institutional researcher
"[The] course notes are SO valuable...I will use them again and again!"
Clinical Researcher at major medical school
 "...completely exceeded my expectations.  I learned a lot more than I thought by taking the class online, and it was much less expensive than what other vendors charge for their online SAS classes..."
Epidemiologist, county health department

Featured Article
Sierra Data Science Logo
Sierra Data Science is aleading independent provider of SAS Software consulting and trainingservices.   
We offer a wide range of online and on-site training options on many aspects of SAS Software.   
And, we provide analytical consulting services using SAS to obtain maximum value from your organizations' data. 
Please visit our websitefor more information about our capabilities andexpertise.

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Registration Details

All registration formalities are handled via our easy-to-use online enrollment system
immediate registration confirmation via email as well as links to a printable receipt/invoice.  

Payment is made using a major debit, credit or purchase card. 

Materials and Links to Join the Sessions 

Links to sign in and the course materials are emailed a day or two in advance of the sessions    


Technical Details 


Please contact your organization's network security team in advance of registration to ensure you can use both the

GoToWebinar andGoToAssist  
applications from your work location. 

Access to BOTH are required in order to participate in these live, hands-on, sessions.

If not, please consider participating in these sessions from home if you have a laptop with a validly licensed copy of SAS Software on it.

Go here for a complete list of technical and other details about our online sessions. 

Here are the system requirements needed to participate in our online training sessions:
  • Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.0 or newer or Google™ Chrome™ 5.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
  •  Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
  •  Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
  •  Minimum of Pentium® class 1GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM (recommended) (2 GB of RAM for Windows® Vista)

Please go here for useful information from Citrix about connecting to online events offered using their products.

Start the new year by enhancing your SAS skill set via Sierra Data Science's affordable live, on-line training seminars.  
Man at Laptop 2012Our schedule for January and February includes live, hands-on classes on programming fundamentals andintensive sessions for experienced userswanting to get the most from SAS reporting and graphics capabilities.  
Please scroll down to see our current schedule of online courses.and please contact us if you have any questions!

ODSODS Statistical Graphics Techniques in SAS 9.2 and 9.3  New! 
  • Jan. 10 & 11, 2013 (two half-day sessions)
$309 per person on/before 12/14; $329 thereafter
Woman at Grey Laptop Added Nov 2010Take your SAS analytical and reporting results to new heights by applying SAS'
new graphical tools added in 9.2 and 9.3 
This impactful two-session class shows how to apply the power of Output Delivery System graphics tools added to over 60 existing procedures as well as use the new SGPLOT, SGPANEL, SGSCATTER and SGRENDER procedures to effectively "tell the story" 
in your data with graphics.   

Full seminar outline (PDF) here  

REPORTPROC REPORT: The Basics and Beyond
  • Jan. 9 & 10, 2013 (two half-day sessions)
$309  per person on/before 12/14; $329 thereafter
Business man in white shirt and tie at computerStarting from the basics, you'll learn how to combine data summarization/analysis and reporting tasks within the REPORT procedure, as well as how to use COMPUTE blocks to assign values to new columns without Data Steps, and how to create report "breaks"
with a minimum of coding.   
You'll also learnhow to easily implement conditional formatting/traffic-lighting of data values, rows and/or columns bycombining PROC REPORT and ODS 
(Output Delivery System) capabilities.   

Completing this in-depth, two-session, class gives you the
insights and tools necessary to create effective, compelling, reports from your data using SAS' flagship BASE module reporting procedure.   

Full seminar outline (PDF) here  


INTROIntro. to SAS Programming (Hands-On)
  • Jan. 15-18, 23, 24, 2013 (six half-day sessions)
$809 per person on/before 12/14; $899 thereafter
Smiling Woman in Blue Top at ComputerThis six-session class combines live instructor demonstrations with guided hands-on exercisesenabling you to become successful applying 
core SAS programming tools to your data.
You'll learn how to create and work with SAS data sets, generatefrequency counts and summary statistics, execute basic queries,work with date and time data and the basics of exporting your SAS-generated tables to Excel-readable files.
Class size is strictly limited to eight attendees to maximize interaction and to focus on attendee learning needs. 

Full seminar outline (PDF) here
  • Please note that you must have a validly licensed copy of SAS 9.2 or higher installed on the computer to which you will connect to the internet for this course in order to participate in this high-impact session. 

ADVANCEDAdvanced SAS Programming Techniques (Hands-On)
  • Feb. 5-8, 2013 (four half-day sessions)
$549 per person on/before 12/14; $599 thereafter
vertical man in blue sweater at laptopIntended as the "next step" after our "Intro to SAS Programming" class (see above), this four-session, hands-on, event gives you the insights and tools necessary to go beyond the basics
with your SAS projects and programs.   


Learn the in-depth details of how SAS creates a data set, and how to control that process using RETAIN, ARRAY, OUTPUT, FIRST/LAST "dot"and other programming language tools, as well as how to merge and append data files together. The class also covers core data set options such as KEEP, DROP, RENAME, WHERE and  IN= and how to apply powerful SAS programming language functions when assigning values to new columns/variables.     


Full seminar outline (PDF)  here  

  • Prerequisites:  Completion of our Intro. to SAS Programming seminar (see above) or a similar class on SAS programming fundamentals.  Pleasecomplete the course pretest, consisting of 15 multiple choice questions, here.  If you answer at least 11 of these questions correctly the a code required to enroll in the class will be emailed to you.   
    • You will also receive an email with the test's questions, the correct answers, and the answers you gave to the questions.   
    • Please contact us if you have any questions about prerequisites for this class. 
  • Please note that you must have a validly licensed copy of SAS 9.2 or higher installed on the computer to which you will connect to the internet for this course in order to participate in this high-impact session. 

Intro. to SAS Programming andAdvanced SAS Programming Techniques 
  • See class dates above 
$1,299 per person on/before 12/14; $1,429 thereafter
Red Headed Woman in Blue Blouse at ComputerRegister for both the Intro. to SAS Programming and Advanced SAS Programming sessions in Jan/Feb 2013 at the same time and receive a discounton our already low tuition rates. 
  • Please note technical requirements and prerequisites before enrolling in these classes.


Payment and Refund Policies

 Here are our registration and payment/refund policies:

  • Payment is due in advance of seminar attendance using a credit, debit or purchase card.  We do not invoice after the session nor do we accept purchase orders, sorry.
  • Partial refunds not paid if you leave the seminar before it ends.
  • Tuition non-refundable, but you may transfer your enrollment from one person to another no later than 24 hours before the start of the session for which you are currently enrolled.
  • Sierra reserves the right to cancel any or all of these seminars, for any reason, and at any time.  If we do cancel, our liability is limited to refund of fees paid.
  • Each paid registration enables one person to attend the session(s) for which they are registered. No "groups" or "sharing" of the registration.
  • Attendees are permitted to make ONE printed ("hard") copy of the seminar notes for their own personal use; additional duplication or distribution of the copyrighted course notes is not allowed.


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