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Hello everyone,


Has anyone ever taken any of the SAS courses listed in the Statistical Analyst Learning Path (For SAS Programmers) and was it in classroom, live web or e-learning?





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Hey friends is anyone have ever done SAS training ....please suggest me the scope of SAS
I have only attended one in-class training not e-learning. The class is for expert, you have very limited time to grasp anything in the class.If you plan to attend one, know atleast the basics of the topics.And when you go home you have alot to revise if you wish and have the right materials/software.

Jigsaw Academy offers online training in analytics. We cover

  1. Basic Statistics - required to summarize, visualize and analyze data
  2. Analytic techniques - for descriptive and predictive modeling
  3. Analytic tools like SAS, Excel and others
  4. Soft skills - specific to analytics

Our Foundation course is designed for those looking to build a career in the field of analytics. You can attend the course from anywhere in the world.

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