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Hello everyone

I am new to analytics and was trying to segment Prepaid subscribers based on certain usage parameters to offer better products to them. On what basis can I segment the subscribers to perform this task. What kind of data is required to perform this analysis?

Currently , I have Prepaid Call data records.


Thanks in anticipation for your help





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I am not sure about the business. But even though the below mentioned things would helpful for you-Frequency of recharge(during particular period), Amount of recharge, mode of recharge(whether online, offline etc.), Offer recharge etc.

1. You can start with something simple: clustering by call frequency to roughly separate daily/weekly/etc callers.

2. Then you can look at spend patterns over time, cost per call, etc.

3. You can cluster by the combination of activity and spend - from high activity/high spend to low activity/low spend. Figure out limits of high/low.

4. Some segmentation and analysis based on call origin/destination can be done if it makes sense in your case.

I would like to go with Igor Elbert. Added to that consider customer demographics which would help a lot in segmentation. Also hypothesis is more important (for ex: youngsters generate more sms volume and/or use night plan). What I essentially say is first it is better to know the customer and the reason he uses the prepaid card. Meaning he uses it only for night plan/ sms/ incoming/ outgoing etc. this would make the analysis much simpler.


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