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I am wondering if data stored on microsoft word can be mined and a sequential pattern mining algorithm used to achieve a desired result.

Any useful reply would be appreciated because i have a real-life scenrario that needs attention and solving.

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Not impossible. You'll need to put a lot of work in to generate structure; unless each event text is already a separate word file and the texts have standardised headings, you'll need to work out a way to do this. Also depends how much; just a few and it's better to code up by hand!

Dr. Tang
Thank you for your reply.
I do have 27 events word documents I will like mined, thats week 1 to week 27.
Each event happens weekly and I have been documenting them as it does.

They already are in a tabular format with columns and rows and each column has a header.
To be honest, my intention is to see how possible it is for a sequential pattern mining-anormally detection-data mining-predictive analytical algorithm to chew through the events data from week 1 to week 25 to make predictions from week 26 and week 27 event documents.
That is my goal.

Do you still think it is impossible?
Each weekly event on each word document is just one page.


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