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SIAM SDM'11 Contest: Prediction of Biological Properties of Molecules from Chemical Structure

TunedIT, a leading research platform in the area of data mining, encourages participation in the new competition launched at TunedIT Challenges platform. The competition, with a cash prize of $1,000 is
organized by Simulations Plus, Inc.,
and affiliated with the top statistical and data mining conference, 2011
SIAM International Conference on Data Mining

Prediction of Biological Properties of Molecules from Chemical Structure

The task is related to prediction of an important biological property of molecules from their chemical structures – a routine task in the domain of cheminformatics.
The modeling dataset contains two classes of chemical molecules: one with and
one without the said property. Using this dataset, contestants will build a
binary classification model with the goal of classifying new molecules into the
two classes.


A prize of 1,000 USD will be awarded to the winning group. After the contest, top solutions will be presented at the SIAM  ICDM’11 Contest


Everyone is welcome to participate. For more information simply click at the challenge link:


Good luck!

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