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Un-Conference, Free Event

• Date: Sunday, November 1
• Time: 12:30 to 7:00 pm
• Location: Hacker’s Dojo 140A South Whisman Rd Mountain View, CA 94041
• Free Parking around the Dojo
• Beverages, Snacks included with RSVP
• RSVP: at this Linkedin Event If you are not on LinkedIn, then RSVP to Greg_Makowski at with an email containing the subject line “RSVP to Data Mining Camp.”
o When you RSVP, please include topics of interest to you on the ACM site

GOLD SPONSOR: REvolution Computing

POSSIBLE TOPICS: ….that may be proposed at the un-conference:
• Introduction to data mining, how to get started, FAQ
• Challenges in vertical market X (internet advertising, medical, green tech, finance, marketing, retail, …)
• Discuss algorithm X (Support Vector Machines, TreeNet, NaïveBayes, Clustering, outlier detection, text mining)
• Bring your challenges to brainstorm on current projects with experts – or data for immediate analysis
• Netflix $1,000,000 data mining competition, presentation of collaborative filtering papers by Yehuda Koren from Greg Makowski
• New developments in R and the Windows IDE – presented by David of REvolution Computing
• Data Mining forecasting of stock market data
• PLANET – Parallel Learner for Assembling Numerous Ensemble Trees – developed by the Google AdWords group
• Using Concurrent to organize Map Reduce (Hadoop) jobs in the Cloud
• Cloud computing and data mining / analytics
• Challenges and architectures to automate and embed data mining in software or web applications
• Semantic Web
• Artificial Intelligence

• 12:30 – 1:00 arrive, name tags, network, brainstorm discussion topics with others
• 1:00 – 1:10 Main session starts, introduction and overview to the day
• 1:10 – 1:30 Panel of experts answering questions from the audience
• 1:30 – 1:35 Gold Sponsor presentation from Revolution Computing
• 1:35 – 1:40 Introduction to Hacker’s Dojo
• 1:40+ Audience members line up to suggest discussion topics to the room
If a minimum threshold of people are interested in the topic, then it gets a discussion slot.
We can have up 6+ concurrent discussion slots per time slot (depending on audience size).
Recommend for each discussion a primary facilitator and a note taker to report at the end.
• 2:00+ Time Slot 1 (many concurrent sessions)
• 3:00+ Time Slot 2 ( “ “ “ )
• 4:00+ Time Slot 3
• 5:00+ Time Slot 4
• 6:00+ Report summary of sessions over food & drinks in the main area, networking

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