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Some popular topics in machine learning, applied to business analytics


  • Neural networks
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision trees and decision tables
  • Rule extraction
  • Ant Colony Optimisation
  • Bayesian networks
  • Survival analysis
  • Learning using networked data
  • Model monitoring and backtesting


  • Customer Relationship Management (churn prediction, response modeling, customer lifetime value (CLV) modeling, cross-selling, ...)
  • Credit Risk Management (credit scoring, Basel II, PD/LGD/EAD modeling, model backtesting, benchmarking, stress testing, economic capital calculation, ...)
  • Fraud detection (insurance fraud, credit card fraud, anti-money laundering, ...)
  • Software engineering (software fault prediction, software effort prediction)
  • Business Process Intelligence and Process mining
  • Web analytics and web mining
  • Social networks


  • Machine Learning,
  • Management Science,
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks,
  • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,
  • IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation,
  • Journal of Machine Learning Research

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In the applications section I would add also:

-document auto classification

-document auto extraction (automatic extraction of business attribute)

-auto redaction

- pattern recognition (faces, stamps, ...)

-knowledge aggregation (via clustering methods)

In the subject (but this is my personal opinion) I think that the neural network are quite outworn (at least for the application you mentioned) because they have been surpassed by more performant methods derived by statistic learning (SVM family first of all).


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