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Hi all,


I was just wondering if some of you have also received spam email on the email address that you used on the AnalyticBridge website? I use an emailaddress that is specific to AnalyticBridge and received spam. Does anybody know if it is made public somewhere on the website? Of course I am not particularly happy about this ;)




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All email addresses from AnalyticBridge members are kept private, and we haven't experienced spam on our test accounts. However, about a month ago, limited spamming hit our network, with marriage proposals. They've been removed, and now we individually approve or reject each new subscriber.

Your email address (the one that you created to sign up with AnalyticBridge) is hosted by a company (e.g. Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc.) or on your own server, and the company in question could have its own data compromised. Finally, you can decide not to receive any email notification from AB (check your email settings on AnalyticBridge).

Hello Vincent,


Thanks for the reply. The email address that I use is not known explicitely to my provider (I have a catch-all mailbox). It is known only to me and the people at AnalyticBridge, although my emails are sent through my provider, so they could also know it from logfiles etc. But anyway, if no other members experience similar problems, my provider is most likely the guilty party ;)




Hi Martijn,

If you are interested in spam detection in the context of social networks (from an analytical perspective), I will be presenting at the Text Analytics News conference in San Jose, November 10th. Among many other things, I will discuss non-trivial patterns found in the email address of dozens of Analyticbridge members that were rejected when signing up.




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