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Spammer using new tricks to be accepted in social networks

Posted on The same spammer tried to sign up with Analyticbridge, but was rejected due to several red flags - one being from Senegal, while the real person with the real profile is from Hong Kong.

Today for the first time I had a spammer copy and paste a long profile description answer from a legit member's page on my network into their membership application.
My music network membership application asks for a 'longer answer' description of your interest in the mountain dulcimer and your specific interests in music.
My antennae went up for the new member being a young female with a pretty name ("Ms Juliana")- so I copy/pasted her personal music interest description answer into Google with quotes around it, and up it popped as a long profile answer lifted from another member of my network from his member page.
This particular spammer was: Name: Ms Juliana Email: [email protected]
So spammers are now copy/pasting personal profile descriptions from other members' pages on our network and pasting them into their profile quiz answers.
I get an average of 1 spammer per day, but this is the first time I've seen this tactic. Usually the profile answers are easy to spot: "N/A", "Will answer later", "Iamaprettygirl", "internet", etc.
It could be all too easy to accidentally approve them now.
Also, since I delete the spammer applications without approving them, I can't 'ban for spam' them. It would be nice to be able to report the spammer without approving them as a member first.

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