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Dear All,

I am new to datamining and donot know if I am even comparing apples to oranges.

I want to start using datamining and my company wants to buy a software and train me in that
as I am from a mathematics background. NOW, the 2 options they want to consider are
statistica and matlab. Can someone tell me what the advantages of statistica soley for dataming are
viz. matlab?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Hi Prasad
Matlab is very good tool for all kind of mathematical calculations but if you think of Data Mining software then Statistica is more comfortable than Matlab, in terms of the techniques/algorithms , ease of use , graphical resentation, code generation and also learning time.
Statistica will give you flexibility to handle large number of data set for analysis and deployment purpose.
It confirm the ease of use by providing menu driving options at the same time it will also give you the power of scripting.
Last year Statistica was rated as one of the most populer software for Data Mining by one of the leading cunsultant.

For more detail you go through the Youtube of StatSoft.
Dear Krishnendu,

Thank you for your reply. I am on the way to make a presentation to my boss regarding this.
I am also going through the various materials online.

Thank you again.
Hi, Prasad:
Why do you focus on STATISTICA but not on SAS Enterprise Miner or SPSS?
Hi Prasad,

Let me add few points where most of the specialised software packages needs to qualify in order to ensure the maximum ROI may contribute for an informed decision.

1. Dependability/Stability of Software.
2. Ability to handle very large/complex Data Sets.
3. Speed.
4. Ease of Use.
5. Data manipulation/Transformation capabilities.
6. Variety of Available Algorithms.
7. Ability to Automate repetitive tasks.
8. Each of Scoring Models to other Data Sets.
9 . Quality of output/Ease of Interpretation
& above all
10. Cost of Software / Ownership.

We are pleased & proud to inform you that STATISTICA qualifies all of them. Please let us know if we could be any of your assistance.

Thanks !


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