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The company I co-founded, Structured Data, is looking for partnerships with those who can make use of our technology (scalable bayesian network structure learning) in their applications as well as with those who can incorporate our technology to enhance their product offering.

If you have a contact or lead at any of the following companies, I'd be interested in being connected:
- Oracle
- Hugin Expert A/S
- Informatica

Learning About Data Relationships (LADR) is Structured Data's high performance solution for learning the structure of Bayesian networks. It is optimized, flexible, and scalable for today's computing environments:

# even a commodity PC shows the incredible speed and efficiency of our solution:

# Bayesian networks containing tens of thousands of variables evaluated at a rate of millions per minute
# Bayesian networks in excess of 1 Million variables easily supported

# simple to learn and easy to use
# algorithms used provide near-perfect scaling on multiple compute elements
# adaptable and customizable to any application

Our structure learning solution addresses the challenges of finding related elements in large datasets. These challenges are present in multiple industries (finance, biotech) and business settings (business intelligence).

Please visit us to learn more at

Stephen Ehmann
President of Structured Data

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