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Anyone knowing a university or other school in the New York Metropolitan area that provides classes/programs in data mining / predictive modeling?

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OSU offers a Graduate Certificate in Data Mining, I think it is one of the best in USA especially if you want to learn SAS. All classes are offered online and you'll have access to a SAS virtual server for assignment and projects.
Tom, the university you mentioned is Dalhousie University located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It offers Marketing Informatics course and Business Data Mining course in the MBA program. The courses are buisness oriented, they use sas enterprise miner for teaching. I took both courses in 2007. The two professors who teach the data mining courses are practitioners themselves. Very good courses for B school students.
Hi Tom,

Do you know of any other universities/colleges that offer a cert. in Data Mining in Canada? I have been searching for a week without any luck. I do not wish to take those part-time corporate learning courses that are at best five days in length because let's face it, that simply will not offer me the knowledge that I need.

I have contacted the founder of the program at UofT and he has not replied - rather disappointing. I have contact OSU, and am very interested in their program, but I will contact Dalhousie and see what they have to offer.

As an aside, thanks for the prompt reply. :)
OSU is very expensive too. I talked to the director about the program,out-of state tuition is over 2k for one class.
Yes, but any corporate training for BI is comparable and far less comprehensive.
I was looking into the OSU data mining.But the cost is too high for non-residents. What qualifies one to be a resident of OK?
Is there anyway to gain access to SAS enterprise miner,without going through SAS OnDemand? I have read lots of books on data mining,but had to chance to practice.
Hey guys,
I need help or literature that will help in constructing research proposal in the application of data mining in drug designs/clincal trials/bioinformatics. I will like to incorporate the efficiency of half-normal plots in my research and this is not for undergraduate.


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