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Hi Every one,

   has anyone done support vector machines using SAS? I am currently building classification models for fraud detection and prevention. would like some advice on what approach i should use to implement support vector machines.


anyone done some work on statistical techniques for fraud detection and prevention.

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when I used SVM in SAS there were only two different kernel functions, is it still?
If I remember correctly I transformed all variable values into the interval [0,1].

I worked in a project where we didn't have any confirmed cases of fraud but wanted to monitor transactions that could be fraudulent. I successfully used peer-group clustering to observe behavioural changes among the accounts.



Tomas Keller

thanks Tomas,

    there is no support vector machine procedure in SAS at the moment. Many SAS users believe it should be released sometime this year.


Tomas, I have just started doing research on the classification methods,the bank i work has never implemented these methods before and my plan is try and cover peer group analysis at some point in time. at the moment at working on the regression approach, then will look to work with non parametric methods.


do you still remember how you went about peer group analysis? i have read an atical by David Hand and his research team. let me have your approach on how you went about doing peer group analysis. thanks in advance.

Hi Mark,

SVM should be accssible in SAS EM not sure if you can find it in Base SAS.


I used the ideas from the article Unsupervised profiling methods for fraud detection

by Bolton and Hand and derived my own method to compare the difference between the peer-group and the target.




thanks Tomas, ill go through the paper and  give you some feedback.I am using Base SAS, i will try access EM and explore the SVM node


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