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There must be a 'BETTER WAY' if we want BIG DATA, EHR, and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS to save us health care dollars ?

Blair Butterfield in a BLOG yesterday discusses EHR and BIG DATA. The essence of the message is presented in one of his paragraphs, as follows:

"Realization of the promise of big data is therefore closely tied to EHR usability. Marquee examples of big data, such as IBM’s Watson, are certainly impressive, but unless these capabilities are tied to the kind of intuitive EHR user experience I am describing here, they will never reach the mainstream provider......."

This is so true !!! E.g. EHR and EMR must be "usable" and also "easy to use", which means NOT time consuming. Many of the current EMR systems are very time consuming, taking doctors hours upon hours of extra work they did not have a few years ago. I know of doctors that use bring a small LAPTOP into the examining room, clicking away and putting in data as they chat with the patient, and I always thought that was the "extent of it" - but this same doctor has to go home at night with his laptop, and continue putting in the "rest of the data" for all the patients this doctor had that day !!!!

There must be a "better way" ........ And this is what Blair Butterfield is alluding to in his Blog of yesterday .... Worth reading:






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